The Hovawart dog breed

The Hovawart is a dog breed that originated in the beginning of the 20th century. The variety belongs to the molossers and has a beautiful appearance. The blonde Hovawart is sometimes compared to the golden retriever, yet the Hovawart is a completely different breed. The dog can be used as a guard dog or a family dog, but the Hovawart is also suitable for sports.


The Hovawart comes from a sort of sheepdog from the Middle Ages, which was large, agile and vigilant. This dog species disappeared around the turn of the century because the specialized breeds became popular. In the beginning of the 20th century, a number of dog breeders started looking for the old type of sheepdog and then used to breed a new breed. These dogs were mainly found in the Harz Mountains and in the Black Forest and lived mainly on farms and remote mountain areas. In the Middle Ages this Hovawart species had the names Hoevewacht and Hofwachter. This dog was later crossed in Germany with ao Leonbergers and Newfoundlanders.

Breed characteristics

With a shoulder height of 60 to 70 centimeters, the Hovawart can be called a large dog. The weight varies from 35 to 45 kilos. The Hovawart with its long hair and hanging ears is a beautiful appearance. The variety is available in three main colors: blond, black-blond (black with brown markings) and black. The bitch is generally a bit slimmer than the male and this can also be seen in the head and the physique.
Body proportions are very important with the Hovawart. The height of the body must be 110 to 115 percent. This means that the dog must be taller than he is tall. The back is straight and firm and the chest is deep, powerful and broad.


The Hovawart is usually a friendly dog ​​that likes company. The temperament of the Hovawart is mediocre and they have a very good nose. He loves his boss and family and wants to protect them. He is a good watchdog and he keeps an eye on everything. An advantage of the breed is that they will not run away quickly because they are faithful. The Hovawart can obey well and is an independent dog. A characteristic of the Hovawart is that they mature late. Only between the second and third year of life, the properties are fully developed. They also need a lot of exercise. When there is enough walking and playing with the dog, it will generally be fairly quiet at home.


A good feature of the Hovawart is that they are very versatile. They like to monitor their terrain, but are also very suitable as a domestic dog. They are good at dealing with children and attach themselves to their families. Because Hovawarts are quite diligent, they are also suitable for sports. You can think of agility and obedience, but also rescue work, defense work and detective work. Hovawarts are athletic and enjoy working with their boss. The Hovawart remains very playful until old age.

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