Liposculpture, gone with those fat rolls!

Do you exercise a lot and eat healthily, but still don't lose those certain 'fat rolls' at that one location? Then liposculpture might be the solution. Liposculpture means that with the help of thin suction signals under local anesthesia or anesthesia, fat is sucked away at predetermined places of your body. This way you get the figure you've always dreamed of.

The procedure

Liposculpture literally means: shaping fat by sucking fat cells away. The purpose of this procedure is to create a more beautiful shape of your belly, legs or buttocks. Liposculpture is in fact a new and improved form of liposuction. For example, finer needles are used, making the scars smaller.
The surgeon will numb the skin in a few places with a small injection and then make small incisions of a few millimeters. After this the doctor injects a liquid at the place to be treated. This fluid causes anesthesia, temporary narrowing of blood vessels and loosening of fat. Some people experience the introduction of the liquid as slightly painful.


Larger procedures are performed under general anesthesia, but small areas such as the knees or abdomen can be treated under local anesthesia.


It takes four to six weeks before you can function properly again. First the place where fat is sucked away will be blue, swollen and painful. Because the house has been loose and needs repair, you get elastic pants or a belt that provides support. This must be worn for about 6 weeks.


As with any operation, there are risks such as infection, after bleeding, ugly scars, thrombosis, or a bad anesthetic reaction. An uneven surface can occur if the doctor does not perform the operation often and removes too much or too little fat. Your skin may look lumpy.


In principle, the result is permanent if the doctor removes enough fat cells, because after puberty you no longer produce new fat cells. However, it is wise to ensure that your weight remains stable, because if you do arrive at a different location, weird and / or crooked relationships may occur.


Depending on the location, the costs range from Ђ1900 for the neck to Ђ4200 for the back of the buttocks plus the upper legs up to the knee

Video: Laser Lipo, Fat Removal and Skin Tightening (February 2020).

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