Toxins in the body

The body contains many toxins. How do these get there? And how do you get rid of it? Toxins literally means "toxins". The easiest way to get toxins into the body is wrong eating. Toxins make us sick. Almost all diseases are the result of eating toxins. Even the teachings of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, who assumes that a traumatic event is the cause of diseases, recognizes that toxins are also a major cause of disease. Despite the insights of many physicists, it has not yet become apparent to regular science that toxins cause diseases. Toxins are in large numbers in what we nowadays consider normal food. Weston Price said before the Second World War that most diseases are caused by Western food. He did research around the world and saw that people who ate traditional food were healthier than people who ate western food.


Removal of toxins

Toxins are normally carried out of the body through the intestinal tract, kidneys and urinary tract, and the liver that separates toxins from nutrients. This process can go well for years, but if, for whatever reason, too many toxins suddenly occur in the body, the effect of secreting toxins can deteriorate, which means that more and more toxins are slowly getting into the body.

Wrong food contains toxins

We no longer eat completely healthy in the 21st century. The deteriorated food pattern started at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. From that time on, industrialization started. Factories told people that you can just as well eat canned food. That is a gross lie, as we now know because it has been proven on all sides that canned food is a lot less healthy than fresh food. In addition, industrial processes have reduced the quality of food to such an extent that poisons are often produced. An important example of this is the vegetable fat. All vegetable fats such as cooking oil and margarine from the supermarket contain trans fat which is very unhealthy. Transvet is carcinogenic. Butter, on the other hand, is healthy!
The Western food pattern is the number one cause of disease, Weston Price demonstrates in his book "Food and physical degeneration."

Soft drink, E numbers

We eat and drink too many things that have no nutritional value. Everyone knows that soft drinks contain a lot of sugar, but it also contains all sorts of substances that upset the bacteria balance in the intestines such as phosphoric acid, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and E-numbers. These synthetic products carry out an attack on the body and it is no wonder that scientific research shows that you can get ADHD and brain abnormalities. Soft drinks lead to ADHD and lifestyle diseases.

Sugar and white flour products

Sugar and white flour products are refined substances. Everything
K.D. Runow, the gut thinks along
sugar cane is healthy and wheat has been extracted from these products. If you eat sugar and white flour products, the body can absorb it very easily at first, but it is then difficult to do something good with it. There is often an excess of sugar and white flour products so that the body sees no other opportunity than to store it in fat. These two substances are the main causes of obesity and diabetes, but also cause all kinds of inflammations in the stomach and intestines. Digestive disorders such as gastritis and Crohn's disease can result. In addition, the doctor Runow has shown that many diseases related to the nervous system such as depression and psychosis are directly related to eating too refined food.

Medications are toxins

The body tries to get rid of toxins by causing inflammation, a temporary - sometimes painful - process that restores the balance of bacteria in the body. But what does man do? He feels the pain and has learned to go to a doctor. This serves him a painkiller so that the body no longer knows that there is an inflammation and the recovery process stops immediately. In addition, every synthetic drug ensures that parts of this drug are seen as toxins that are stored in the fatty tissue. What many physicians have been seeing for years is that a relatively minor problem such as stomach pain, headache and sore throat due to painkillers can turn into a chronic disease. At least, regular science sees this disease as chronic because it is no longer possible to fight with medication, even if the dose is increased. Because of the higher dose, the unfortunate patient gets more and more toxins in his body, so there is a good chance that the chronic symptoms of the disease will get worse. A simple cold can, due to medication, lead to pneumonia a few months later!

Pesticides are toxins

In addition to the fact that food containing sugar or white flour products is itself an anti-inflammatory product, pesticides in and on fruit and vegetables cause toxins in the body. These pesticides can only be partially washed off. Many pesticides end up next to the plant on the earth, sink into the soil due to rainwater, and are absorbed into the plant through the roots. That is why peeling and washing do not help. Organic products only contain slightly less toxins. There is a difference between biological and biodynamic. It is important to eat biodynamically. This is possible, for example, by growing vegetables yourself, picking wild vegetables or buying vegetables with the demeter quality mark.

Pollution brings toxins into the body

Living next to Pernis, the large Shell site is not healthy. All unhealthy substances enter the air and breathe in minute by minute. Living next to a highway is also not healthy. The particulate matter enters your lungs and the rest of the body. In the big city, with its heavy traffic, people sniff exhaust gases every day, which causes the presence of toxins in the body. In this case it is best if society switches to electric driving as quickly as possible. Then Shell and all petrol cars no longer have a right to exist.

Unhealthy lifestyle causes toxins

Smoking, drinking alcohol and eating meat cause extra toxins in the body. That may be known by now. Eating meat is known to provide a number of healthy substances, but there are also many toxic substances in meat that the body cannot use. Drinking alcohol causes accumulation of toxins, not only because of the colorings and sugars in an alcoholic drink, but also because alcohol degrades the functioning of the liver, so that fewer toxins are removed.

Not acutely ill

Toxins do not cause acute disease. As stated earlier, science is aware of the fact that toxins are encapsulated by adipose tissue, so that it does not cause any damage in the first instance. Everyone has a certain tolerance to toxins. Contrary to what many think, this tolerance does not make the immune system stronger. The immune system simply has nothing to fear from the toxins, as long as their number remains low, because the body makes them harmless by encapsulating them in fatty tissue. However, if too many toxins enter the system, it will come up as a disease at some point. It is logical that everyone gets a different disease because everyone has a different body constitution.

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