What makes Turkey so attractive as a second home country?

Buying a property in Turkey, more and more Europeans are doing it. Spain, so far the ultimate holiday resort for second homes, has become too expensive. Turkey is the generally accepted alternative. What makes Turkey so attractive for foreign buyers?


Turkey is a country that has undergone an enormous evolution in recent years and is still going through it. Most areas have been enormously modernized:
  • new airports were built and domestic air traffic was opened to all airlines, making it more reliable and cheaper,
  • new motorways were built so that you can travel easily and comfortably by car,
  • internet was made available throughout Turkey ...
In short, Turkish society was adjusted to European standards.
This ensures that Europeans who want to settle in Turkey do not have to compromise on comfort, and also that they can live comfortably anywhere in Turkey, not just in the tourist areas.
These benefits apply to the whole of Turkey:
  • very good investment opportunities
  • a continuous increase in the value of real estate (on average 30% per year)
  • direct flights at various airports, including Bodrum
  • very good connecting flights - several times a day - between domestic airports (from 35, - EUR per flight!)
  • 300 days of sunshine a year, also on the Black Sea!
  • warm summers and mild winters in Bodrum
  • very pleasant temperatures in both summer and winter in Samsun
  • well-arranged procurement procedures for foreigners
  • return through value increase but also through renting out to holiday makers
  • friendly hospitable people

At present, the most interesting investment areas are:
  • the Bodrum area - the Saint-Tropez of Turkey
  • the Samsun - Black Sea region.

Why exactly these regions?

The Bodrum peninsula (with the city of Bodrum as its capital) has for years been considered the 'pearl of beach resorts' among the Turkish population. A lot of well-to-do Turks have one or more country houses here. Of course this can be seen in the fashionable Bodrum, which has a very Mediterranean European view. Hence the comparison with Saint-Tropez. Bodrum has the following benefits for foreign buyers / investors:
  • a pleasant climate with warm summers and very mild winters (average winter temperature 16 degrees)
  • a modern region with a mix of Turkish and foreign tourists
  • a guarantee for the value of your real estate: even if the foreign market would become saturated and the sale of real estate in other tourist parts of Turkey fall, in Bodrum you are sure that your real estate will retain its value, because there are still enough Turkish buyers will be!
  • sun, sea, beach, culture, nature, activities, ... Bodrum offers it all!

The Black Sea is still relatively unknown to foreigners, although this is also a modern and beautiful region! Samsun, a big city with its own airport, is known for its age-old culture (even going back to the Hittites), unspoilt nature and miles of golden sandy beaches. Domestic tourism has already started here, with colorful modern apartment blocks and promenades along the coastline.
You choose the Black Sea for the following reasons:
  • at the moment still very cheap so very good investment (apartments already from 30,000 EUR!)
  • oil will be mined in the Black Sea, near Samsun.
  • the Black Sea is a region that is already in the program with some tour operators, but will certainly become more touristy in the future and will therefore increase in value
  • a beautiful, often untouched nature that is always green, winter AND summer
  • a very mild climate: 25 degrees in summer and sun every day; winters on average 16 degrees except January
  • vast beautiful sandy beaches
  • good accessibility (you can buy a ticket from Belgium / NL to Samsun where you transfer once in Istanbul or Ankara)
  • holiday resorts are only 20 minutes from the airport!

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