Renting a ready-made bungalow tent, how do you like it?

Want to go on holiday to the sun? Renting a bungalow tent is luxury camping. By the way, camping is still one of the most favorite ways to spend your holidays. To camp, you initially need a tent or caravan. If you are not used to camping and do not want to purchase an expensive tent and other camping gear, then a rental tent (or rental caravan) is an attractive solution. How do you like camping in a ready-made bungalow tent? Rent a tent at your holiday address. You can buy ready-made food at many large campsites in Europe rent tents. It's often about bungalow tents for families, with several sleeping cabins, and everything else on it. You don't have to take much with you to have a perfect camping holiday. In tents, for example, these days often come as standard:
  • Refrigerator
  • Electric lighting
  • Tasty beds (real beds)
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Crockery, pans, over, grill, BBQ
  • Deckchairs
  • Kitchen block
  • Everything you need for luxury camping

Camping in a luxury ready-made tent

In a bungalow tent that is rented you will of course find everything you need, from cutlery to pans, from gas comfort to garden furniture. The ready-made bungalow tents can actually be compared to houses made of canvas. Nowadays camping so well cared for that you really don't have to get up with pain in your back anymore. You sleep in a tent on real beds with real mattresses. And of course it is pure luxury to arrive at the campsite, where you then do not have to pitch a tent. The trip to the campsite is understandably also literally less heavily loaded, because you don't have to drag a tent and camping gear with you. The rental tents are generally new or in very good condition, and well maintained. Clean and waterproof, fresh on arrival, colorful and fully equipped.

Rent a bungalow tent, what does it cost?

The price of renting a bungalow tent differs per campsite or tour company, often mobile homes or mobile homes are also rented at campsites where tents are also rented. The more luxurious the tent, the more you pay. There are often three sleeping cabins in bungalow tents and a nice place to sit outside the tent is taken into account. You pay a certain price per night for a rental tent. This is possible from as little as € 25 per night, but prices are of course much higher in high season. The contents also determine the price. There are even tents with running water and a microwave for rent. The price also depends on the number of sleeping cabins and the number of people and on the surface of the tent and the location. A tent with more beds and more than two sleeping cabins is generally slightly more expensive. It is therefore not possible to state an amount. It is best to look around the campsites or tour company, where ready-made bungalow tents are rented, to get an indication of the prices.

Rent a mobile home or mobile home

Caravans are also very popular to rent. You will stay in a caravan where you will find all the luxury of a chalet, but you can still taste the cosiness of typical camping. Especially if you still have young children, camping in a ready-made bungalow tent, caravan or mobile on a family campsite is highly recommended. Your children will experience the great outdoors from the camper and often special friendships and lifelong memories are built up during a few weeks of vacation.

What do you have to bring yourself?

In general, camping in ready-made tents or caravans means that you have to bring your own sheets and towels. However, it is increasingly common that you can rent bed linen. That also saves a lot of drag. Cots can often be rented separately, this also applies to a high chair or buggy. Ask in advance if everything is present.

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