What does a mediation employee do?

As a broker you link job seeker to the suitable employer. You help people find a job. In the welfare sector you are also referred to as a counselor. The counselor makes extensive use of his network of employers.


You need an MBO or HBO education to be a mediation employee, such as one of the studies below.

Cultural and social education

During this higher professional education you learn to help people to develop themselves and to become more involved with society. You learn to support them in their personal and social development. This study takes 4 years.

Social Legal Services

This college education takes 4 years. You learn about law and services. In this way you can help people who have problems with the rules and procedures in the Netherlands.

Social Social Service Provider

With this MBO course you learn in 4 years to help people with problems. You learn to give advice and practical support and guidance. For that you also learn about certain laws and regulations.

Social Educational Assistance

This college education takes 4 years. During this study you learn to help people of all ages to live independently again. With this training you can, for example, also become a job coach.

Applied Psychology

In this study you learn to observe, assess and influence human behavior. The college education takes 4 years.


As a mediation employee you help people find work. You can specialize in a certain sector, such as care, welfare or technology, but you can also work with a special target group, such as young people or immigrants. You tell job seekers about the possibilities of work and education. You hold an intake interview to find out what the job seeker can and wants. You also ensure that you are in contact with enough employers and that you always receive new vacancies. Then you try to help the job seeker find a good job opening. You also mediate if there are personnel problems at work.
You can work at a commercial company, but also in the public or welfare sector. You can go to an employment agency, Centers for Work and Income (CWI), youth care institutions, childcare or a volunteer center. As a host parent mediator you can also work at a host parent mediation agency.


As a starting mediation employee you get a gross monthly salary of around Ђ 2,020.- and that can go up to around Ђ 3,075.-.
In order to find the suitable job for a job seeker, a lot of human knowledge is needed. You have to be able to listen carefully to find out what work suits him and what he can do. This work is not always easy. If you are unable to find someone for a vacancy or, on the contrary, cannot find a vacancy for someone. You must be able to handle that. Sometimes unexpected situations can occur. That is why you have to be flexible and stress resistant. Do you like to take on a new challenge every time? Then become a mediation employee.

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