Mail: send a postal package abroad

Most postal packages abroad are sent by the PostNL company. Shipments within the European Union take two to four days. Shipments outside the European Union can take around ten days. TNT offers the possibility to send larger packages faster. Other postal providers for mail abroad include UPS, KDZ and BatchPost. In recent years, more and more international mail packages have been sent. There are various reasons for this. The most important reason is the arrival of the internet. This has made it much easier for individuals and businesses to order certain products abroad. It has become more attractive to order certain products directly from the supplier rather than from a store. This may concern clothing, but also books, for example. A lot of international trade takes place via sites like Ebay. Another reason is that it is often cheaper for the consumer to order something abroad, even with shipping costs. And sometimes certain products are not even available at local stores, so ordering from the internet is an attractive option.

Shipping the parcel abroad

There are different deliverers of international packages. The largest postal company is still PostNL at the moment, even though competition is knocking on the door. PostNL has the largest network and ships mail worldwide. An international package can never be stamped with stamps. This must be done with franking stamps. They can be purchased at the post office or at service points. The postal package can also be delivered to these locations. Packages up to a weight of 30 kilograms can be sent via PostNL. The size may be a maximum of 100 x 50 x 50 cm

Shipping of parcel within the European Union

Packages sent within the European Union can be delivered with a T&T form. The correct stamps can be printed at the post office. The address of the addressee and the sender must also be clearly stated on the package. When you deliver the package you will also receive a proof of shipment. This is intended for your own administration, but in this way it is also possible to monitor where the package is located.

Shipping of parcel outside the European Union

For packages used outside the European Union you can use a customs form. It must state the addressee and the full contents of the package. Customs may have the right to open your package. Make sure you do not send things that are punishable, such as weapons, food and illegal goods. Ask the post office if you have any doubts.

How long does shipping abroad take?

A shipment to a country within Europe usually takes two to four days. A shipment to a location outside of Europe usually takes a week. With a country like Brazil or South Africa, this can take up to ten days. It is possible to insure your package or deliver it by registered mail. That way you know for sure that it will arrive or that you will be reimbursed for the value. This is certainly advisable when you send the package to a country in Africa or the former Soviet Union, for example. It is known that mail is sometimes opened in these countries by corrupt postal officials.

Send postal package abroad with UPS, KDZ or BatchPost

If you want to send larger packages or loads, you can also use TNT. This department of PostNL has been mainly concerned with this since 2011. It also has a service that allows you to deliver packages outside the European Union within three days. There are also several companies that have competed with PostNL. These include UPS, BatchPost and KDZ. In terms of service, they are often unable to compete with PostNL, but are making great strides on this point. For example, BatchPost offers to collect the goods at home. In terms of costs, it might be worthwhile to compare whether they are cheaper than PostNL. MKB Easydesk is mainly concerned with shipping goods for companies abroad.

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